The Features

  • 7 Entertaining, Educational Games

    Choose from different, self-pacing games that teach students of all ages how to read music. No previous musical experience needed!

  • Great for Teachers and Students

    Designed by professional musicians, these games - with charts that easily track students' progress - are a terrific complement to traditional music lessons.

  • Beginner to Advanced Levels

    Whether you're a beginner just learning to read music or someone who's been playing an instrument for a while, the multiple levels of these games make it a great learning tool for everyone.

The Games

Clef Games

clef games

Learn and practice sight reading in a friendly interface. Just select your clef and you'll see your game level, scores, and a score to beat. Need a refresher? There's a handy cheat sheet that shows you the notes before you start playing. Master the material in one level to progress to the next.

  • Multiple games in each level (with an exciting countdown clock!)
  • Easy to use for any age student learning any instrument
  • Self-pacing helps retain what's learned

Concentration Games

The classic memory game comes alive with this version testing your knowledge of music symbols and music vocabulary . Start with matching pairs of images and build up to the hardest level: a mix of symbols and corresponding names. You can play solo or challenge up to four people to join in the game.

  • Different levels and difficulties
  • The ability to play with a friend
  • A handy score sheet to track your progress